Celebrating World Photography Day August 19th

Happy World Photography Day ?!

I am so BLESSED to have become a photographer and to have the opportunity to shoot so many AMAZING individuals, entrepreneurs, celebrities , clients, publications, advertising assignments, events and of course -friends.

Thank you to @lumix and @panasonic for sponsoring me and allowing me to not only utilize your cameras ? but to teach, coach and guide so many other photographers, too!

Thank you ?@canonusa for the awesome gear to allow my creativity to blossom and to capture such beauty.

I’ve been a professional photographer for twenty-years now and can’t believe how my business has expanded to producing and directing video, designing websites and logos.

Special thanks ? to ALL that have helped me along the way to grow @Kristenjensenlifestyles and @Kristenjensenproductions THRIVE all these years and to ALL my fellow photographer friends ❤️!

Here’s to many more INCREDIBLE shoots, branding and dream clients to come! ???

More About Kristen Jensen

Kristen Jensen provides timely tips for on camera virtual meetings and online branding tips. Work with Kristen to develop a powerful personal brand suited for this business climate.

Excerpt from The Ridgefield Press:

For more than 20 years Jensen worked as a model. Sixteen years ago she turned around the camera and runs Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC. She has worked with thousands of directors, photographers, and videographers, and has learned from the best as to how beautiful images and brands are created.

Kristen Jensen Talks Modeling, Branding and Entrepreneurship

On this episode of Community Forum, Susan Shaner sits down with Kristen Jensen. Kristen is an entrepreneur who runs a production company called Kristen Jensen Productions. She walks us through her journey, starting out as a model at 17 and how she got to where she is now. Kristen also talks about how spirituality and pray got her through some of the rough patches of being a single mother and running her business. For more information on Kristen and what she does you can visit kristenjensen.com or you can email her at kristen@kristenjensen.com.