Editorial photography for Ridgefield City Lifestyle Magazine

I had the pleasure to do some editorial photography for Ridgefield City Lifestyle Magazine featuring Dan Levine. From his website:
Dan is Artistic Director of ACT of CT, an Equity regional theater in Ridgefield, CT. At ACT of CT, He has directed MAMMA MIA!, EVITA (for which he won the 2018 Broadway World CT Best Director of a Musical Award), and WORKING (which he re-conceived with Stephen Schwartz and which will serve as a template for future productions at other regional theatres). Dan is the creator, producer, and director of BROADWAY BACKSTAGE!, DANCIN’ BROADWAY, and AMERICAN DANCE SPECTACULAR! He is also the creator and director of BORN TO DANCE, a multi-media production performed throughout the fleet of ships on Princess Cruise Lines, in collaboration with Stephen Schwartz. He serves as Artistic Advisor for The Ridgefield Playhouse Broadway and Cabaret Series in Ridgefield, CT. To find out more about Dan, visit the full article at Ridgefield City Lifestyle – Dan Levine

I also did photography for Hutton’s Fine Menswear and Dapper Den Barbershop. Interested in having photography for your editorial content or your business? Contact me at kristen@kristenjensen.com

Grace Farms Construction Site Photo Shoot for Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince has been a long time client and friend.

Sharon allowed me to document the pre-building meetings and start of construction in 2014 and 2015. It was while I lived in New Canaan with my son, Noah.

It was a fascinating experience to play a minuscule part of witnessing an amazing transformation of property into what it is today. The collage of ‘construction workers’ is just a handful. Every time I went to shoot at Grace Farms, I put up a white seamless paper backdrop in one of the construction temporary job buildings and snapped portraits of a ton of construction workers.

I admire Sharon Prince so much, she is not only a brilliant visionary but one of the kindest women I know. Thank you, Sharon and Grace Farms for the amazing opportunity and privilege to document for you, and thank you for serving everyone who visits, attends, tours, relaxes, etc., for generations to come.

Grace Farms is one-of-a-kind! Bravo!

Interested in having a photo shoot at your “work-in-progress” construction site? Contact me at kristen@kristenjensen.com

C-Suite Executives Branding Photography in New York City

When my client IDB Israel Discount Bank asked for me to photograph their top twelve  C-Suite Executives……..I couldn’t think of a better location than right outside their USA Headquarters at the Grace Building in New York City.

The entire C-Suite Executive Team at IDB are some of brightest, coolest, kindest, happiest, hardworking people I’ve ever worked with. I photographed many, many headshots, too.

Just a sneak peek seen below!

Along with my team, I  have documented and photographed numerous events at The Grace Building for IDB

And most recently at Gotham Hall.  A spectacular venue in the heart of the city!

Thank you IDB for the opportunity and absolute pleasure to work together!

Video Produced by Kristen Jensen for Intrnz Intern Housing

I recently produced and directed this Summer Cruise 2022 video for Intrnz. Intrnz Intern Housing offers amazing NYC summer housing for interns. Some of the perks to residing at one of Intrnz locations are the super fun excursions – like their annual summer cruise. Take a peek and enjoy!

Fall Photo Shoot for You and Your Business

Returning back to more studio and interior shoots these days with the weather changing.

It’s been a very productive fall ?season and for that – I’m super grateful ????

Wishing you a great day! As always peace ☮️ and love ?.

Sixty is SEXTY

Why not rebrand….this decade? LOL ? HELLO SEXTY!!!

What a ride life is when you’re having fun! ?

Here’s to a NEW decade – a NEW chapter – a NEW life! CHEERS ? my friends!

Special thanks ? to my husband @thetomkitt for snapping this photo ?

Sending peace ☮️ and love ? always!


Video Production for an Intern Housing Program

Recently Kristen produced and directed this Summer Cruise 2022 video for Intrnz. Intrnz Intern Housing offers amazing NYC summer housing for interns. Some of the perks to residing at one of Intrnz locations are the super fun excursions – like their annual summer cruise. Take a peek and enjoy!

Celebrating World Photography Day August 19th

Happy World Photography Day ?!

I am so BLESSED to have become a photographer and to have the opportunity to shoot so many AMAZING individuals, entrepreneurs, celebrities , clients, publications, advertising assignments, events and of course -friends.

Thank you to @lumix and @panasonic for sponsoring me and allowing me to not only utilize your cameras ? but to teach, coach and guide so many other photographers, too!

Thank you ?@canonusa for the awesome gear to allow my creativity to blossom and to capture such beauty.

I’ve been a professional photographer for twenty-years now and can’t believe how my business has expanded to producing and directing video, designing websites and logos.

Special thanks ? to ALL that have helped me along the way to grow @Kristenjensenlifestyles and @Kristenjensenproductions THRIVE all these years and to ALL my fellow photographer friends ❤️!

Here’s to many more INCREDIBLE shoots, branding and dream clients to come! ???

More About Kristen Jensen

Kristen Jensen provides timely tips for on camera virtual meetings and online branding tips. Work with Kristen to develop a powerful personal brand suited for this business climate.

Excerpt from The Ridgefield Press:

For more than 20 years Jensen worked as a model. Sixteen years ago she turned around the camera and runs Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC. She has worked with thousands of directors, photographers, and videographers, and has learned from the best as to how beautiful images and brands are created.