Happy Mother’s Day from Kristen Jensen Productions

Who doesn’t need a little “Mothering” (photo above with my mother, I bet you’d never of guessed, Ha!) 

Happy Mother’s Day! To my mom, your mom and ALL the mother’s out there: Dad’s being Mom’s, Our Mother’s no longer with us and to all my Fur-Baby-Mother’s, too!

Blessings for a beautiful day…….

Looking forward to hearing from you and wishing you a very happy spring season!

Super excited to share with you the various types of projects I’ve been creativelyproducing, designing and shooting!

I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with a variety of wonderful clients and entrepreneurs – just like you!

Very proud of my client George Pusser – owner of Cornerstone Contracting for winning a NOBI (Home Building Industry Awards) Award for BEST video. Together we mapped out his three-day video shoot which included multiple business promotional videos- PLUS photography. Special thanks to Don E.Smith for all his creativity and wisdom. 

Check out Cornerstone Contracting “The Bridge” award winning promo video below:

Love this video? And want one for you and/or your business?
Check out more: All About My Video Production Work

Video Marketing by Kristen Jensen – Great Pets Resort

This promo video I recently produced for my client and famous dog trainer Brian Kilcommons. Brian explains how he works and information about his wonderful facility in Connecticut. The video was shot with my LUMIX GH5!

Video Project – Orchards End Health

This is a “Dream Client” video I produced and directed for my client Orchards End Health. Enjoy! Contact me to record a video for your business at kristen@kristenjensen.com

Video Shoot – The Making of an Actor

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with actor Noah Robins. During our video shoot, we captured his unique personality that will shine through his aspiring career. We spent time discussing his process of prepping for auditions and landing roles.

Looking to showcase your unique gifts and personality on video? Contact Kristen at kristen@kristenjensen.com to get the conversation started.

A Fresh Future Together

Things have changed.  The past eleven months have been a bit topsy-turvy, right? 
There is one certain thing in life that is guaranteed. That is CHANGE!
When the pandemic first hit, I like the rest of the world was in total shock. We all thought well by summer things would turn around. Then we went to “high hopes” for fall. Then we somehow cruised through the holidays and now we are smack in the middle of winter where actually wearing a mask is more than protecting our selves and others. They actually keep us warm, too! I broke down and bought a bunch of them in all sorts of colors and some with sequins on them to help brighten someone’s day.  At least they make me smile but every time I see people, working on a shoot or just going to grocery store I still marvel and feel like we are all living in some made for TV reality show.  Do you feel that way?
Instead of just celebrating twenty-twenty-one or totally blacking out twenty-twenty I prefer to look at all this like celebrating our future in fresh way. A new way of interacting, showing-up, being present and embracing the unknown like never before. Taking the high road and going within and finding our deepest desires and wishes. A time for true self love. A time to make big changes and decisions. A  time to reflect, reboot, revitalize, revamp and reconsider what is really important to us.
Family comes to my mind first, their health and mine, too.  My son Noah (photo below) did not have a proper high school graduation last year (or senior photo) but instead stayed home, studied, worked out and practiced his baseball pitching daily. He finally allowed me three minutes to snap his photo (believe me …it is like the shoe makers kid around here!) minutes before he drove back down to North Carolina headed to Elon University.
For those that feel this pandemic never will end………CHANGE is inevitable and “this too shall pass” ….it is just going to take a little more time, right?
Thanks for popping by and I hope our paths cross soon safely in person or virtually.
Stay safe, keep the faith, stay healthy and let’s look forward to a FRESH FUTURE together!