Video Project – Orchards End Health

This is a “Dream Client” video I produced and directed for my client Orchards End Health. Enjoy! Contact me to record a video for your business at

Video Shoot – The Making of an Actor

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with actor Noah Robins. During our video shoot, we captured his unique personality that will shine through his aspiring career. We spent time discussing his process of prepping for auditions and landing roles.

Looking to showcase your unique gifts and personality on video? Contact Kristen at to get the conversation started.

A Fresh Future Together

Things have changed.  The past eleven months have been a bit topsy-turvy, right? 
There is one certain thing in life that is guaranteed. That is CHANGE!
When the pandemic first hit, I like the rest of the world was in total shock. We all thought well by summer things would turn around. Then we went to “high hopes” for fall. Then we somehow cruised through the holidays and now we are smack in the middle of winter where actually wearing a mask is more than protecting our selves and others. They actually keep us warm, too! I broke down and bought a bunch of them in all sorts of colors and some with sequins on them to help brighten someone’s day.  At least they make me smile but every time I see people, working on a shoot or just going to grocery store I still marvel and feel like we are all living in some made for TV reality show.  Do you feel that way?
Instead of just celebrating twenty-twenty-one or totally blacking out twenty-twenty I prefer to look at all this like celebrating our future in fresh way. A new way of interacting, showing-up, being present and embracing the unknown like never before. Taking the high road and going within and finding our deepest desires and wishes. A time for true self love. A time to make big changes and decisions. A  time to reflect, reboot, revitalize, revamp and reconsider what is really important to us.
Family comes to my mind first, their health and mine, too.  My son Noah (photo below) did not have a proper high school graduation last year (or senior photo) but instead stayed home, studied, worked out and practiced his baseball pitching daily. He finally allowed me three minutes to snap his photo (believe me …it is like the shoe makers kid around here!) minutes before he drove back down to North Carolina headed to Elon University.
For those that feel this pandemic never will end………CHANGE is inevitable and “this too shall pass” ….it is just going to take a little more time, right?
Thanks for popping by and I hope our paths cross soon safely in person or virtually.
Stay safe, keep the faith, stay healthy and let’s look forward to a FRESH FUTURE together!

Zoom Etiquette Spring 2020


So now that we are homebound and most of us working from home Zoom seems to have really taken the lead in the past week for virtual conference calls. I feel like I did this past week when I first signed up for AOL back in the nineties……remember that? Well….Zoom is definitely my number one choice for communicating with my clients, business colleagues and friends for the moment. Especially now as we navigate through these uncharted social distancing waters. Currently, I am scheduled for 3-6 Zoom chats a day. The video conference call tips below have helped me and I hope you benefit from them, too!


1. Download Zoom (Just start with the FREE version. You can always upgrade)
2. Always be on time. Whether you are initiating the video chat or was invited.
3. Treat and respect your video conference call as you would a real-life in person meeting.
4. Be respectful of everyone’s time. If the video call was scheduled for 30 minutes, you are expected to stay in the meeting for that time. (unless of an unexpected emergency)
5. Get dressed (at least from the waist with upscale business attire. Gals- a little makeup goes a long way. Guys- shaving is essential 😉 We might as well brush our hair, too!
6. Lighting is KEY! Stay away from having your back to a window when conferencing. You will need direct front light evenly spread. I recommend taking two lamps and removing the shades, placing them on either side of your computer. If you can use at least 75 watt and clear bulbs- even better. I also recommend “painter lights” which I purchased at Home Depot super effective and very reasonable Home Depot Painters Light
Again, purchase two for even lighting. If you want something a more professional but with a price tag try the ProMaster Ring Light this light is one of my favorites for video conferencing, video shoots and photo shoots, too.
7. Style your BACKGROUND. Meaning, the best possible background would be a total blank wall without art, books, paperwork, toys, etc. When your background is cluttered it actually distracts from you. Don’t have a clean wall? Try a cloth backdrop, large landscape piece of material or sheet. Not sure what to use? Try Zoom Virtual Backgrounds even better yet the application allows you to upload your own landscape background from any JPEG image files 5M or smaller. The image of me above was a virtual background of my photo/video studio. Fun to upload a backdrop with your business logo on it, too. The virtual background technology is not perfect yet, even with a green screen but it could be your answer 😉
8. Camera & sound enhance how you look and sound. If you have an external camera and microphone for your computer, YAY! Admittedly, I have been searching online to purchase a new external web cam with a built in microphone and I have not been able to find one this past week. All either sold out at the moment or on back order. One I can recommend is Logitech c920 HD Pro Web Cam with a 1080/720 widescreen. In regard to sound make sure your music and mobile phone is turned to silent. As well, try…….and I know this is tough with the kids at home but try to create some privacy for your video chat.
9. Look into the camera when you are speaking. Even if your camera is a little green or red button (built within your computer) try your best to look into the camera. When you look directly into the camera when you’re speaking it gives the viewer the feeling that you are really talking directly to them. I even pasted a stickie note on my laptop right near my built in camera with arrows reminding me to look directly into the camera. A challenging thing to do, I know but with practice we will get better at it. Also position your computer or laptop where you are directly centered. I have to put my laptop on a stack of books. Otherwise, my web camera will be aiming up at me. NOT flattering. There should be an even amount of space above your head and below your chin. If you are not speaking and/or on a video call please refrain from looking at other monitors or your mobile phone. Also avoid drinking (coffee or water is okay but not constantly because it is distracting) and eating when on a video conference call.
10. Lastly, before you do your first business Zoom chat check yourself, your lighting, background, sound and positioning out with a friend. You can always login to Zoom and check yourself out but practice makes perfect or close to it. This is a time to connect virtually with clients, colleagues and friends and it is an amazing tool. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by, for your continued amazing support and always sending me great referrals. In the coming weeks I will be posting more about Zoom and get even more specific on tips. Please check back in. In the meantime, I pray, hope and wish that you are safe and staying healthy. This Too Shall Pass (COVID-19) ……but I think video conferencing is here to stay 😉