Grace Farms Construction Site Photo Shoot for Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince has been a long time client and friend.

Sharon allowed me to document the pre-building meetings and start of construction in 2014 and 2015. It was while I lived in New Canaan with my son, Noah.

It was a fascinating experience to play a minuscule part of witnessing an amazing transformation of property into what it is today. The collage of ‘construction workers’ is just a handful. Every time I went to shoot at Grace Farms, I put up a white seamless paper backdrop in one of the construction temporary job buildings and snapped portraits of a ton of construction workers.

I admire Sharon Prince so much, she is not only a brilliant visionary but one of the kindest women I know. Thank you, Sharon and Grace Farms for the amazing opportunity and privilege to document for you, and thank you for serving everyone who visits, attends, tours, relaxes, etc., for generations to come.

Grace Farms is one-of-a-kind! Bravo!

Interested in having a photo shoot at your “work-in-progress” construction site? Contact me at

Portrait of a CEO

Brian came to me with a very specific request “don’t make me look like your typical CEO”……. I think we nailed it Brian, thank you for making my job so easy!

Photographing Health Coaches….

publicity photography

Craig and Jenny “D” that is,  like in Craig and JennyD Craig and Jenny contacted me on the web and hired me after our first Skype session on Image Strategy. They are a husband and wife team that were seeking online print and video content for their new health coaching website. We had an action packed day with my team and cranked out some amazing images and video for them. Best of luck Craig and Jenny, you both deserve it!

Photographing a CEO

publicity photography near me

Pamela Viglielmo owner and CEO of Menja Worldwide, LLC. came to me looking for your-not-so-typical CEO portrait. Being that she is in the Men’s Beauty Business and behind the scenes, it seemed almost picture perfect to have her on-set doing her thing. Way to go, Pamela!

Orchards End Health

When I first met with Elsa Sykes owner (pictured in the center) of Orchards End Health I was blown away not only by her beauty but by her facility, too. My team and I created amazing content for her website. Still images and videos, too. Check her site out and what she is all about at

Kristen Jensen, Image Strategist


When you are an Entrepreneur, your personal image is always part of your brand.  Corporations spend millions each year on ensuring that their brand is consistent with their values and message.  Let me ask you….how often do you think about your personal brand?

  • What is your brand message?
  • What is your personal brand?
  • What type of first impressions do people have of you?
  • Does your look match what people expect of you?
  • Does it speak to the type of clientele you want to work with?
  • Is your online brand consistent with your business or personal goals?
  • Is your image strategy present on social media -are you sending the right message out to the world?

As an image strategist, these are just a few of the items that I evaluate with each client that I am working with.

Kristen is shooting with a Lumix GH4 Panasonic Camera which takes stellar images and shoots amazing 4k video. Kristen is a member of Panasonic’s Lumix Luminaries and primarily shoots with Panasonic Cameras.

An Image Strategist

Works with you to ensure that your personal image matches your business objectives. Helps you perfect your personal style to project the successful business person that you are. Ensures that all of the information that you put out into the world matches your personal and business objectives.

When I am working with a client, one of the first things I do is sit down and have a heart to heart talk with them.  I need to understand where they are as a person and what truly motivates them.  Then we talk about their objectives as a business owner and who they desire to reach as an audience.  This helps formulate how I, as an image strategist, can benefit each and every individual I work with.  As a former model and as a photographer and producer, this information is invaluable to me in my objective of bringing out your best.  I also work with a team of people who can help use the products that we produce together and put your message in front of the correct audience.

Whether your need is simply photography, personal style, professionally produced video, logo design, or an online brand overhaul; I have the network of people to get you and your business where you want to be.  I have worked with makeup artists, online entrepreneurs, photographers, freelance video editors, models, real estate agents, and so many other types of people who needed a image strategy and I love to see all of them embrace their new image and blossom into successful business people.

When is the last time you evaluated your IMAGE STRATEGY Contact me for more information.


Photographing Authors

jane_micheals blogThis is my beautiful (inside and out) client Jane Michael who has The Jane Wilkens Michael Show and has just completed another book titled Long Live You. I met Jane years ago on a editorial assignment while we were doing a story for Bedford Magazine. We clicked and she became my friend and client ever since. Jane has an amazing life and the BEST personality on radio and off. I can see why she is so successful on her radio show and with her books, too. She came to my studio in Bethel last week for an updated headshot. Candee did her hair and makeup. What is not to love? Gorgeous, right?

Arianna Huffington


I photographed Arianna last week in Darien, CT. She is my role model and it was an honor to meet and photograph her.