Branding for a New You in 2022

I sure love being behind the lens, storytelling and creating amazing content for my clients – elevating their brands! It is my pleasure to map out a game plan that reflects you, your message and brand.

I offer an array of marketing/branding strategies to meet your unique projections and goals. Let me show you how.


  • Virtual Branding 90 minute consults via Zoom
  • Virtual Branding Consult Packages via Zoom
  • Photography Sessions
  • Video Shoots
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Visual Strategies
  • Website Design

Curious about more of what I love to do? Please take a peak at my 2.5 minute promo video explaining exactlywhat I love to do for people and businesses like you!   

Video Shoot for a Building and Contracting Company

I recently produced and directed this amazing promo video for Cornerstone Builders and Contracting. Cornerstone’s mission is to build exceptional homes and my mission was to share their company story. Contact me at or 888.278.1011

Photofocus Podcast – Kristen Jensen on the Branding Process

Check out this podcast from 2021 featuring Kristen Jensen

Hear about:

  • How Kristen got her start in the industry
  • The importance of and how to define branding
  • Maintaining your brand through the pandemic
  • Challenges faced over the last year
  • The benefits of a well-done personal marketing video for your about page
  • The importance of networking and relationship building
  • How to stand out in your community
  • The role of charitable work in her business
  • The importance of professionalism today
  • Advice for photographers to revive their business during this pandemic

Model Approach – Photographer’s Years in Field Help Shape Her vision

Check out this excerpt from an article in the CT Post about Kristen Jensen

“I have always seen things in pictures, like one sees a snapshot, even as a kid,” she says. Once in the presence of photographers and art directors, she indulged her curiosity, questioning them about technique, art direction and lighting. Even now, when lighting a scene, she needs to feel the light on her face. “I can’t even describe it,” she says. “I just have to go and do it. When I feel the light on my face, I just know it’s right.”

To read more, visit

Testimonials – Kristen Jensen – Branding – Image – Photography

Kristen Jensen’s photography tells the story like few others in her business. As a caterer and designer we often have photos taken of our displays and while many can document the moment, very few can make you feel like you are part of it. There is a romance in her photographs that comes from Kristen’s artistry.

Would I recommend Kristen Jensen? Only if you want the best.

Charlotte Berwind
Charlotte Berwind Fine Foods, Inc.

Kristen is absolutely a superior and talented artistic photographer.

She photographed our “Before Christmas Wedding” at Bernard’s in Ridgefield, CT and made our special day so memorable and beautiful.

We will always cherish her sense of style and vibrant personality and most of all we will have our photographs to savor for years to come.

We recommend her highly for any project!!! We truly adore her…She is our friend for life!

Alex and Jack Katz
Dr.Alexandra Chan Katz and Dr.Jack H. Katz
Pound Ridge and Southampton, NY

Video Shoot – Home Stylist and Consultant

Check out a video I produced for Julie A Cromwell, whose motto is “Make Every Home Beautiful”

Contact me at to shoot a video to share your style and brand more elegantly and effectively.

Happy Mother’s Day from Kristen Jensen Productions

Who doesn’t need a little “Mothering” (photo above with my mother, I bet you’d never of guessed, Ha!) 

Happy Mother’s Day! To my mom, your mom and ALL the mother’s out there: Dad’s being Mom’s, Our Mother’s no longer with us and to all my Fur-Baby-Mother’s, too!

Blessings for a beautiful day…….

Looking forward to hearing from you and wishing you a very happy spring season!

Super excited to share with you the various types of projects I’ve been creativelyproducing, designing and shooting!

I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with a variety of wonderful clients and entrepreneurs – just like you!

Very proud of my client George Pusser – owner of Cornerstone Contracting for winning a NOBI (Home Building Industry Awards) Award for BEST video. Together we mapped out his three-day video shoot which included multiple business promotional videos- PLUS photography. Special thanks to Don E.Smith for all his creativity and wisdom. 

Check out Cornerstone Contracting “The Bridge” award winning promo video below:

Love this video? And want one for you and/or your business?
Check out more: All About My Video Production Work