Video Marketing by Kristen Jensen – Great Pets Resort

This promo video I recently produced for my client and famous dog trainer Brian Kilcommons. Brian explains how he works and information about his wonderful facility in Connecticut. The video was shot with my LUMIX GH5!

Video Project – Orchards End Health

This is a “Dream Client” video I produced and directed for my client Orchards End Health. Enjoy! Contact me to record a video for your business at

Video Shoot – The Making of an Actor

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with actor Noah Robins. During our video shoot, we captured his unique personality that will shine through his aspiring career. We spent time discussing his process of prepping for auditions and landing roles.

Looking to showcase your unique gifts and personality on video? Contact Kristen at to get the conversation started.

Puppy Love

is what we have going on at our house these days. No wonder someone made this thing up about “Puppy Love”…’s the real stuff. After many years of my son (now 9) begging Santa for a puppy, mommy here decided to get him the cutest puppy on earth as a early Christmas gift. His name is Wall-e and he has added so much more fun and love to our lives than we could ever imagine. Wall-e has a waiting list of doggy-sitter’s … worries this little cutie won’t be tying us down at all….he will just go everywhere with us!

Can you believe it’s December already? I can’t! I remember school starting this past September and then it has been non stop work, projects, funny personal life stories, Halloween, Thanksgiving….. to now the craziest season of the year! Very happy and blessed that my business continues to grow. I now have a clear list of personal and business goals for 2011. Just writing it feels good, you know? A new decade….wow! Anyway, I’ll be having a panel of lifestyle experts starting to guest blog. I figure with me being the only person responsible for blogging you won’t get to see much unless I can figure out a way to clone myself. Three KJ’s and I would feel pretty caught up on things. Another fun thing coming in the New Year will be  power 15 minute webinar’s filled with tips on creating your new image for 2011.

This is the time of year for warm fires, gathering with friends, baking cookies, ginger bread houses and super yummy homemade meals. I used to cook years ago but one of my New Years resolutions is to start making super yummy food again. Would love to hear what you’re up to.

Thanks so much for the minute…..Happy Holidays!

KJ xoxo

The Wall-e Jensen