Celebrating World Photography Day August 19th

Happy World Photography Day ?!

I am so BLESSED to have become a photographer and to have the opportunity to shoot so many AMAZING individuals, entrepreneurs, celebrities , clients, publications, advertising assignments, events and of course -friends.

Thank you to @lumix and @panasonic for sponsoring me and allowing me to not only utilize your cameras ? but to teach, coach and guide so many other photographers, too!

Thank you ?@canonusa for the awesome gear to allow my creativity to blossom and to capture such beauty.

I’ve been a professional photographer for twenty-years now and can’t believe how my business has expanded to producing and directing video, designing websites and logos.

Special thanks ? to ALL that have helped me along the way to grow @Kristenjensenlifestyles and @Kristenjensenproductions THRIVE all these years and to ALL my fellow photographer friends ❤️!

Here’s to many more INCREDIBLE shoots, branding and dream clients to come! ???

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