Grace Farms Construction Site Photo Shoot for Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince has been a long time client and friend.

Sharon allowed me to document the pre-building meetings and start of construction in 2014 and 2015. It was while I lived in New Canaan with my son, Noah.

It was a fascinating experience to play a minuscule part of witnessing an amazing transformation of property into what it is today. The collage of ‘construction workers’ is just a handful. Every time I went to shoot at Grace Farms, I put up a white seamless paper backdrop in one of the construction temporary job buildings and snapped portraits of a ton of construction workers.

I admire Sharon Prince so much, she is not only a brilliant visionary but one of the kindest women I know. Thank you, Sharon and Grace Farms for the amazing opportunity and privilege to document for you, and thank you for serving everyone who visits, attends, tours, relaxes, etc., for generations to come.

Grace Farms is one-of-a-kind! Bravo!

Interested in having a photo shoot at your “work-in-progress” construction site? Contact me at

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