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You are so beautiful to me



Q: Is that what you tell your clients?

A: Yes, I have the ability to see the best in people that I assist in brand strategizing, directing video or taking photograph.  People are so BEAUTIFUL and this is a blessing, a gift and skill set that I offer. I tell my clients, filming and photographing them is like “when you look in the mirror and are having your best day”. I see, create and capture my clients looking their very best. That is how I see people………simply beautiful.

Q: How did you get started in this business?

A: It happened organically from my experience with working as a top international fashion model and actress for over two decades. That is where my style and passion for creating beautiful and stellar content including film and images was created. I worked with thousands of directors and photographers worldwide and learned my skill set from the best. I pretty much grew up in the business and witnessed first hand how beautiful images film and brands are created.  I feel so lucky to have found my true calling as a visual branding expert and pinch myself every day because I feel so very fortunate to have landed such an amazing career.

Q: Do you do any speaking engagements on visual branding?

A:  Yes! I love public speaking, coaching entrepreneurs, businesses and people that want to stand out from the crowd and make an outstanding first impression.  As a Content Strategist, I just adore assisting, creating, planning, developing and executing my clients’ visual branding needs.

Q: Who is your dream client?

A:  My dream client is an entrepreneur, business or company that wants to elevate their brand with a stellar game plan, video and photography. My dream client also understands and trusts that I will assure top-notch results for them along with my team that I bring to the table. I offer amazing videographers, editors, photo assistants, graphic designers, website designers and makeup and hair artists for assignments upon request. It really is collaboration with my client alongside my team that creates and elevates brands.

Q: How long have you been seeing the “beauty”?

A: Even from a young age I have been able to recognize a perfectly composed, well-lit beautiful imagery and film.  I think coupled with being born in Europe, the experience of traveling and working in over 30 countries helped develop my strong sense of branding, reinventing, shooting style, lighting and composition.  Then once I was well into my modeling/acting career, I started creating amazing photos and video of beautiful people and loved it. I truly found my new career and passion behind and beyond the lens.

Q: What is a Content Strategist?

A: I assist my clients in protecting their personal and professional brand and help them develop a strategy for their overall online first impression, using the medium of video, photography and design applications. Protecting your brand is vital for anyone these days yet often mismanaged. That’s where I step in!

Q: What has been your most interesting shoot to date?

A: Although I have photographed and filmed people in my photo/video studio, located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, approximately 65% of my client’s work is shot on location. I have shot in various locations throughout Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, California and even as far as Tanzania, Africa, and beyond! I have to say that all of my shoots are interesting because the people make it such an amazingly awesome experience. This positive synergy between my clients and I reflects in such beautiful results.

Q: What do you do when someone is camera shy?

A: Oh, the FEAR FACTOR, I get it. Hey, getting your photo and being filmed is not the most comfy, cozy feeling. Right? I would say 85% of my clients are initially intimidated of being photographed, filmed or unsure how to elevate their brand. After we get acquainted get rolling, and my clients see real results they typically don’t want the shoot and/or session to end. I know all too well how it feels being in the spotlight; it’s not something that is typically in everyone’s comfort zone. This is why they pay the models and actors the big bucks! There is an art to it.  I know exactly how to guide my client’s path and visual brand. I make a priority of getting to know my clients, what makes them tick, their best light and the best angles.  Being a formal model/actress and working on all sorts of shoots in many different locations has made my job of making people feel comfortable in front of the camera, fun and very rewarding.

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