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Speaking Engagements

“I love a crowd that is eager to learn and grow. A crowd that asks questions and wants to participate. That’s what makes me tick!”

Currently offering virtual branding workshops and seminars on branding via Zoom.
Speaking Engagements

How did you get into public speaking?

I spent my formative years in speaking and acting classes followed by a round of acting roles which included the lead in a feature film, soap opera, and many TV appearances. My speaking career really began when I started working with LUMIX Panasonic camera in 2014 where I began speaking at events on the art of photography.

What is your favorite part of being in front of a crowd?

I love a crowd that is eager to learn and grow-a crowd that ask questions and wants to participate. I am totally energized with an audience enjoying themselves while learning about the particular subject I am discussing. Currently, I am speaking about photography but also about the “Art of Your Personal Brand. “These days, it is all about personal branding and I enjoy speaking about my experi­ence as o model/actress turned photographer and how that has shaped my speaking career. I share information of my own personal branding and how it has enhanced my career.

If you could speak anywhere, where would that be?

I’m invited to speak to many types of groups in all sizes. My dream speaking engagement would be a TED Talk in New York City or just about anywhere. I have a lot lo share and that venue would be off-the-charts awesome!

Content Strategist

I recently did a workshop with a really awesome non profit called TBICO. The workshop was on “image” and “first impressions” in the job market. The workshop included instruction on makeup, hair, wardrobe, social media and packaging your image to make a lasting impression.

Photography Tips w/Peter Greenberg

Photography tips with Peter Greenberg

Kristen Speaks at BIG

This is a short video from one of my speaking/shoot engagements.

Kristen and the LUMIX FZ70

I love LUMIX and baseball and that is what this clip is all about. Being a Lumix Luminary has a ton of advantages one being able to try out new gear like the Lumix FZ70. Watch and enjoy!

The Lumix GH3 Camera and Panasonic Beauty

KJ (aka) Kristen Jensen, and Lumix Luminary, let’s us have a peak of what she does before a shoot and her home studio. Blown away-no pun intended- with the new Panasonic Nanoe Blow Dryer. As well, what goes on when she is photographing a model with her Panasonic LUMIX GH3 camera.